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Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loans have returned to the lending market as a smart option for home financing for first time home buyers and those with less than perfect credit. At FHA Mortgage Center.com, we provide expert resources to consumers through a wealth of information on FHA home financing.

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Choose an FHA Loan and Save Money. Choosing FHA Financing for your home loan can be a wise decision depending on your specific situation. The costs associated with the FHA Loan Program differ from other types of home financing. Benefits may include the following:

  • Smaller down payments
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Allowance of gift funds
  • 6% seller contributions
  • Lower closing costs

All of these benefits mean less money is required from you at the closing table!

By definition, FHA financing is a government-insured loan program that delegates loan approval to approved lenders.

Changes in the Housing Market Make FHA the Right Choice

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After the fallout of the subprime and Alt-A loan markets in 2007, FHA Loans have received a new shot of energy throughout the housing market. Lenders, realtors, politicians, and investors have all issued statements championing the return of the FHA Home Loan Program to its rightful place in helping Americans purchase homes.

Borrowers like you, who once would have been better off in a conventional mortgage, may now find a FHA Home Loan to be the cheapest and safest option for securing a home.

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Browse through our extensive collection of daily updated, FHA Lending articles and Help Guides for first time home buyers.

No matter what program you decide to use for your home loan, the basic terminology is something all home buyers need to be familiar with. You can use our new FHA Loan Term Glossary to learn and become comfortable with the financial terminology you will encounter with any home loan.