HUD's Strategic Six Year Plan

HUD, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, has updated their 6-year plan reaching from 2006-2011. The plan comes as a result of a year-long process of assessment, planning, and consultation with both internal and external stakeholders. These stakeholders included:

  • HUD's principal staff
  • Program managers and employees
  • Congressional staff
  • The Office of Management and Budget
  • Grantees and other partner organizations
  • The general public

Why The Change?

The Strategic Plan is structured around one thing: a one-page strategic framework. This framework holds HUD's mission, its' strategic goals and objectives.

HUD has not revised the mission and strategic goals that were established in 2003, they have merely updated them. The reason for these updates was to reflect current and anticipated needs, conditions, and resources. HUD has also refined and specified new means, strategies, and management initiatives that will be used to accomplish its mission set in 2003.

The Strategic Plan is the foundation for HUD's performance planning and management. HUD will apply this plan, in accord with the Government Performance and Results Act, through annual goal setting and performance. This performance will be reported in Annual Performance Plans and Performance and Accountability Reports.

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