Things Are Looking up in Ohio

As I reported waaaayyy back in June, Ohio had the lead in foreclosures nationwide. In an article last week, the Columbus Dispatch detailed just how FHA can help Ohioans get back on track. According to the article, 1,400 Ohioans refianced to FHA Loans last month. In total, FHA has helped 4,400 Ohio citizens refinance since the program was introduced.

Alphonso Jackson also made an encouraging visit to Columbus:

More struggling homeowners need to take advantage of that program or others offered to prevent foreclosure, Jackson said. Too many avoid calling their lenders for help and end up losing their homes instead of being offered the chance to tap an FHA program.

“We are committed to finding solutions that can sustain families through times of uncertainty as we push toward renewed economic vibrancy,” he said. “That means giving them an avenue to refinance from subprimes into safe, affordable mortgages.”

The article also details the Project Lifeline program in a sidebar.

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