The Many Benefits of FHA

Although I primarily write about the standard FHA Home Loan, the FHA has a number of programs for helping out homeowners. One that I haven’t mentioned in awhile is the Reverse Mortgage. An article in yesterday’s Seattle P-I talked about the benefits of reverse mortgages and who they benefit most. Plus, the article details new changes that may allow more seniors to take out reverse mortgages:

Pending legislation may spur more senior homeowners to consider reverse mortgages. Those who have enough equity in their homes can qualify for loans of as much as $362,790 backed by the Federal Housing Administration. A housing bill in Congress includes a proposal to raise the payout to as much as $550,000 and eliminate the current limit of 275,000 reverse mortgages that the Department of Housing and Urban Development can insure.

As with any loan product, reverse mortgages aren’t for everyone; but if the circumstances are right, an FHA Reverse Mortgage could be a great choice for many Americans.

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