House-Swapping – Home Ownership from A Creative Perspective

I must admit, I am one of those people that love creativity. What is happening with the housing market is literally forcing people to get creative. Think outside the box. If there has ever been a time, this is a good time. Why because when you think inside the box it is limiting to the way things are always done. Now, there is a world of opportunity. I was contacted by a friend and colleague who knew I was writing a mortgage blog. She briefly told me about this house-swapping story.


I was all too excited to go and find out about house-swapping. From what I understand, people that live in different places that have a house for sale and have not been able to sell, look for houses in the area they want to move that are for sale. You have to love modern technology. This is where the internet comes into play. You can search an online database ( where people can go state by state. That is absolutely phenomenal. It also tells you how many properties available by state and then it shows you in the different cities or counties.


Even in this transaction, a realtor has to be used. What each party should agree is to utilize the same realtor which in return reduces fees. The realtor should be willing to work with lowering their fees or commission based on the transaction taking place. If the properties are of equal value it is a swap, if they are not there is some cash exchanged. I have to say, I would have to and see the property to make sure it would be conducive to my needs. Why do I say that? You do not get to choose your own furnishings and all those things. However, at the end of the day you also do not have that expense. Not necessarily a huge moving cost either. The more I write about this, it keeps getting better and better to me.


This could definitely solve those moves that need to happen quick due to job relocation, or even health concerns. If you are someone that has a house that has been on the market for a while and have not had any luck, I think this would be an option worth considering. Let your fingers do the walking and see if someone is looking for a home like yours.


We have looked at the advantages, are there disadvantages to this equation? The only questions which might not be disadvantages are the following: I would want to know about the neighborhood and school system. Something that came to mind is how do the utilities and other bills get handled that belong to the property. When you do a house swap, do you do it for a set period of time? Find out all the particulars before you do a house-swap.


Think about it, house-swapping is bartering coming back to life. Not that it has been non-existent in some fashion. However, I think it is being revived on a much larger scale.


Dr. Taffy Wagner

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