House Abandonment

I want the readers to know from the outset that my heart goes out to people that feel this is their only option. I can imagine they feel this way because they do not believe someone has reached out to them in a manner they can understand. Let me paint this picture and you tell me how you would feel.

You are working and everything is going along well at the job. Your wife has a good job, the children are in school and it appears that everything is peachy keen. Bills are being paid on time and you have never been late. You have no idea what is about to happen. One day you go into work and they tell you, they are having company wide layoffs and you have fallen into that category. Unfortunately the layoff is effective immediately. There is no discussing it and everyone has to leave within your department. As you are leaving, you contact your wife at work to share what happened because you are absolutely stunned at this news. She says you will discuss it more tonight. You are semi-reassured thinking she will have a plan.

Later on that evening as you begin discussing the household finances to include the mortgage payment, you discover within two months you be in a financial hole without that regular income. You will not be able to pay your mortgage nor other bills. So your first thought it to begin searching for employment. However when that two month period rolls around you have not gotten a job. Now you and your wife have some choices to make. Bills are piling up and you didn’t pay all your bills from the month before. You are receiving creditor phone calls and you do not even want to answer the phone. You begin using a one credit card to pay another and juggling your bills. The next month rolls around and you are receiving calls from your mortgage lender. Instead of answering the phone or even looking at your mail, you have chosen to take no action.

Right about three months and two days, you have decided to move out in the middle of the night. You have felt like you have no choice. You were upside down on your mortgage and have felt there was not an easy option. You returned the house keys to the lender and literally walked away. I have to tell you as I was reading an article on the internet about this, there was a company that started titled to assist people. I have to tell you I will go and read about this as well.

Before you walk out of your home make sure that you talk to a competent and reliable person within the home ownership industry. You might be surprised especially if you find out that you lender has been attempting to contact you and has viable options that assist you in keeping your home. However, you have been too afraid to answer the phone because you do not want any more bad news. You might be surprised at what you hear on the other end of the phone.

Dr. Taffy Wagner

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