Home Ownership Hardship

There is so much going on in the housing industry that it is time for me to catch up so that our readers will not feel as if we have forgotten about them. It appears that every day for the last few weeks that I have been slammed with various projects, more and more has happened in the housing industry on many levels. I want to almost dedicate this first blog to those who are homeowners that are facing hardships. You have to understand when things begin to get tough; you might not believe you have anyone that you can reach out to. It is not true.

First and foremost, do not let your pride keep you from seeking help or answers because you think no one will understand. What I am about to share is something that I am hearing too often and it sickens me to think that people are this callous when it comes to someone asking for help. Let me explain what I mean. I have heard more than once of a person who knows they are going to have a few difficult months contacting their mortgage company saying I am going to have a few difficult months and I want to be able to pay a partial payment because I know that I am not able to make the full payment. Is there anything you can do to work with me? Then the person at the mortgage company basically saying, we cannot help you out.

Is it me or is some money better than no money? Instead since the customer believes they are no better off, they end up not making any payment because the mortgage company will not work with them and they are on the verge of foreclosure. What happened to working with the customer instead of being part of the problem? If the person did not contact the mortgage company and things started happening, I would be of the mindset maybe something is happening. In the above situation, the customer (who has had a perfect on-time record) of paying their mortgage payment contacted to say I know there is a situation can you help. What good does it serve a mortgage company to be cold-hearted?

When this family is facing foreclosure, you better believe they will share the story of how they contacted their mortgage company and they turned their back on them. They became more of the problem instead of being a part of the solution. Imagine if the mortgage company had said, yes here is what we can do to work with you. Would this client be telling everyone they know about how their mortgage company became an ally versus an enemy? With a move like they made, they became an enemy. Only thinking of themselves and not looking at the overall picture.

This truly saddens me that this is happening to people all over the United States because no doubt it is. Hmmm maybe we should stop and look at the ones that are under investigation and maybe this is part of the reason. I encourage you if you are in a situation and have contacted your mortgage company and the person on the other end seems to be a roadblock, keep calling until you get someone that will listen and take action on your behalf.

Dr. Taffy Wagner

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