FHA Loan Holders Get Relief From Destruction

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of destruction.  Much of the south and central portions of the country have been ripped apart by devastating tornados.  Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and terrifying thunderstorms have left a path of destruction across much of the country.  Homeowners are barely able to find shelter and yet many are fearful of what will happen to their home’s mortgage.

For many people who have FHA insured loans, there is some relief available.  According to the guidelines of most FHA loans, the lenders are not able to press you for payment in such circumstances.  They cannot file for foreclosure on your home until a fully 90 days has past.  This gives you time to get things back into place, at least financially speaking, or to find another option.

If your home had damage or destruction, this type of FHA loan backing can be quite helpful (perhaps yet, another reason to consider FHA loans over other types whenever you qualify.)  Now, not all thunderstorms will qualify for this type of help.  It is meant to be in use in only a handful of the worst situations.  Areas that the President has declared to be a disaster area are those that will qualify for this relief.

In addition to this, if your place of employment has been damaged or destroyed at the hands of such weather occurrences or manmade events (like wildfire for example) you too may qualify for such protections even if your home hasn’t been damaged at all.

The FHA insurance on your home is there to help protect you from losing your home, but you still need to talk with your lenders and get into the necessary programs.  Because most lenders are more than willing to keep a good paying customer in their current mortgage, they are likely to have some solution for you.  This can drastically help them save you as a customer and the FHA programs are there to help provide reassurance.

If you believe you may qualify for this type of backing, contact your lender today.  Find out if your particular situation qualifies.  You can also contact your local HUD offices to learn more about the help that is available to you here.  Chances are, there is protection available o you through your FHA loan.

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