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Foreclosure Moratorium: Lenders Have Agreed

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

As the Congress and President work to find a solution to the ever-growing problems of the average American citizen, one thing is certain. Foreclosures need to stop or find help. Even with FHA loans available, so many homes foreclosed on each month. The good news is that lenders are listening. Several lenders have agreed to moratoriums on foreclosures. If you own a home and feel threatened by foreclosure, by one of these lenders, you may have some breathing room:

*JPMorgan Chase & Co
*Citigroup Inc
*Bank of America Corp
*Wells Fargo & Co

Each of these lenders have agreed to temporarily stop foreclosures in the hopes that the government has help on the way for them and those homeowners who are struggling to stay in their homes. The stimulus programs being put into place have billions of dollars in them to help Americans to stay in their homes. This applies to ne foreclosure actions.

It’s Not Too Long

Keep in mind that this freeze is not a long-term process. Rather, according to Jamie Dimon who is JPMorgan Chase’s chief executive, as reported by there is limited time. He said, “We believe three weeks is adequate time for the Treasury to announce- and for use to implement- a new plan.” Bank of America’s freeze will last through March 6th. Citigroup has promised to hold off on foreclosures through March 12th. Wells Fargo has not set a specific date, but says that they will halt foreclosures until the government’s plan is announced.

What To Do

Are you likely to be affected by a foreclosure in the coming weeks? If so, you may want to use this time to secure different financing options. There is no immediate information available in terms of what President Obama will be outlining in his plan to stop foreclosures. Therefore, if you are at risk of losing your home, do not waste this time.

Keep in mind that there are already several types of programs in place to aid individuals in refinancing their current home loans to get into new ones to avoid foreclosure. FHA lenders can help you to determine if you qualify for this type of loan. While President Obama’s plan is on schedule for review in the coming weeks, do not wait that long to find out if you qualify.

FHASecure: What Is It And Is It Good For You?

Monday, June 9th, 2008

As I went through a list of fabulously interesting topics to write about, I realized that FHASecure has been in the news.  FHASecure is a program put in place by the Bush Administration in August of 2007.  The program has a design to help struggling homeowners to get help in refinancing their mortgages so that they could get out of the hands of foreclosure.

The Bush Administration released information on the program last week.  They said some 200,000 homeowners have been able to refinance since the program’s startup and during that time, many of the subprime loans people could not afford refinanced into affordable home loans.  The program is not for everyone; in fact it is designed only for those that are at the bottom of the line, have subprime loans and need to refinance quickly to stay in their homes.

The FHA announced that it actually has refinanced 100,000 of those loans in the past three months (February through April.)  Struggling homeowners right now can still get this type of help.  The FHA is likely to help another 500,000 homeowners this year alone to help get out of subprime loans and into loans they keep them in their homes.

Getting Help

If you are one of the many struggling homeowners, I encourage you to reach out to the FHA representatives who have it in their ability to help many in struggling positions.  There is some controversy over who qualifies for the FHASecure program.  Originally, the program had a design to help those who were already delinquent in their subprime mortgages and were struggling with the resets of those loans.  However, some believe there has been a shift in that many of those qualifying for FHASecure are those that are trying to avoid programs and that want to get into the lower costing loan.

Some officials from HUD and the FHASecure program have said that this is a good thing in that these borrowers receiving help are a better credit risk than those already behind.

The Bush Administration announced some changes as of May 7th in the hopes of avoiding even more worry of the changing focus of the program.  The guidelines have expanded so that they now include more borrowers who are delinquent which have had a mortgage reset recently and have missed their payments due to it.

Other requirements also have had introduction in the way of late payments on record.  Those homeowners with a Loan to Value ratio that is 90 percent or less will be able to have a 90-day late payment on their record prior to the rate reset and can still qualify for FHASecure.  In the past, this wasn’t clearly outlined.  Additionally, all borrowers behind on their mortgage payments and that have reset adjustable rate mortgages and have a 60 day late payment on their record are also still able to qualify.

What To Do

If you are struggling with your subprime loan, for any reason, or believe you will be struggling for it in the short term, the FHASecure program may be able to help you.  Talk to lenders to find out what can be done to keep you from falling behind.  While the government is working to include more homeowners that are on the verge of missing payments and entering foreclosure, they are still heavily working to improve the situation for those that have already had resets of their loans.

Of course, FHASecure has a long way to go, and it most definitely can be helpful to some.  For other homebuyers, it may be possible to refinance into a standard new FHA loan through a standard lender.