Can Anyone Get A Home Loan?

As someone that writes about home loans on a regular basis, I fully understand the frustrations so many are going through. The fact is, people are wondering several things.


  • Some think mortgage companies are going to come calling to demand payment on full on their mortgage 
  • Some people believe that no one will get mortgage loans again, not for a long time
  • Others think that the mortgage crisis is going to cause them to lose their home even though they have made payments regularly throughout their loan

These are all mistaken beliefs.


While there are some instances when the mortgage companies can come demanding payment in full on your loan, this only happens when you are in foreclosure, after months of trying to get you back on track. Most lenders want you to keep paying them, they don’t want to own your home. For those who are making timely payments, your mortgage loan will not become due immediately.


As for the second concern, there is some concern here, but not nearly as much as you may think. First, there are loans available from nearly all of the traditional mortgage lenders in business. The requirements are stricter with some lenders requiring more down and a higher credit score before they will lend. Call it the “once burned, twice shy” scenario with home loans.


At the same time, for those without a lot of money to put down and with a credit score that is not as high as it could be, there is the FHA.  FHA loans are still available for most American home buyers. These loans require much less down (just 3%) and they provide you with an outstanding assortment of opportunity: even the fact that these are fixed rate loans.


On the final concern, as long as you keep paying your mortgage back on time, your loan is going to be in good standing and to the mortgage lender, you are a good person to have on board. The only way for lenders to make money is to lend money and charge interest.


Is Now A Good Time To Buy?


Here’s another situation I hear which is one of the biggest problems with the market right now. People who have the money and want the home are avoiding the market. This is a mistake and here’s why.


  • The current interest rates on home loans are at an all time low: just 5 percent in some cases. This is the perfect time to buy.
  • Lenders want good buyers. They are actively looking to lend to those that want to buy.
  • Home prices are also low: lower in some areas than they have been in ten years.

No matter which way you look at it, now is the best time to buy a home, if you qualify for a home loan. If you are not sure if you do qualify, a good place to start looking is through a FHA loan specialist. These professionals provide guidance to prospective home buyers. They also have the ability to help you qualify. These are not bad mortgages, these are good mortgages and some of the safest investments to be in right now.

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